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Too much homework,what can parents do?

Parents, have you ever found your children fell asleep and exhausted after did their homework? Or, does your child scared to go to school because of too many assignments?

What can parents do knowing these?

1. Create a Special area. Children need a comfortable place to do their homework. Create an area by preparing a special table, complete with good lighting, including the equipment needed.

2. Learning time. The next step to help children do homework is to prepare time for homework and learning. Set a consistent time. Find the best time for your child and family. For example, in the afternoon, after they arrived home from school and took rest.

3. Eliminate interference. Television, loud music, telephones, doorbells, and other annoying things can make it hard for your child to focus on doing homework. Minimize unnecessary disturbances.

4. Stay informed. Ask your child to keep you informed of the homework. Also, find out about the lessons he learned.

5. Never do their homework. Many parents do their children's homework. Make sure you help your children do homework and deal with the problems they face. Guide them to do their homework, don't do it for them. But help them to understand the step-to-step how to do it

6. Ask for help. If you see the work your children are doing getting harder and the study time feels hard for them, try to find help from outsiders. Talk with the teacher at certain times or rent special teaching services. Of course, do this with an agreement with the child.

No matter how much homework they get, homework should be useful for students. Also, the goal of homework is to make students more understand about school subject right?

So parents, if you feel the assignments or homework given by the school to children are too much, you can try to share with your children how to manage time efficiently.

Article by: Ariella Setiawan

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