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Children Study From Home? This is What Parents Can Do!

In the midst of the spread of the coronavirus in Indonesia, a number of local governments have put a stop to educational activities with Study From Home. So what can parents do to help children so that study from home can run effectively?

See the following tips from Livesmart!

1. Providing understanding to children that not going to school does not mean holiday, but they still have to carry out their obligations as students to study from home. Although doing the task from home, children still have to do the assignment from school, they are usually given daily tasks that must be completed and collected online, such as to Whatsapp / Line.

2. Discipline children and make the atmosphere as if children are in school. A small thing that can be done is to wear a uniform at home so that the child remains aware of their role as a student and performs their obligation to learn. This can have a positive impact, so children's concentration increases because children can feel that they are in a school setting and not at home where they can freely play gadgets and not do their work.

3. Creating a conducive learning atmosphere. For example, preparing a quiet study room and making children relax. Enough lighting, a clean room can make children more concentrated and calm while learning, they also try to do learning activities uninterrupted by noise from outside the room.

4. Check every few hours does the child still follows the lesson well. Sometimes, children are easily distracted if they feel tired or bored. Parents should check and encourage them again so that they do not feel bored and sleepy because of the many tasks.

5. Encourage discussion with children about what lessons they have learned today at dinner.

In contrast to school where children can ask if they do not understand what they learned today. There is no teacher at home. But parents can ask them what they are learning today and whether they are having difficulty with the assignments they have today. So that children can truly understand what they have learned today.

Indeed, parents, it is not easy to become a "Teacher" and accompany children to study at home and check the lessons they are doing. But parents are expected not to consider this as a "burden" but parents can take advantage of this situation as a moment to bring relationships with children at home

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